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Our Team




Thanks to his electromechanical knowledge, he specialized in the design and manufacture of air & gas compression and treatment plants in the medium and high pressure range.
In 2011 he established his own Company, driven by the motivation to implement innovative technologies in the gas compression field.
He shares his free time between charity, family and hiking.

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After the diploma at classical high school and the graduation in mechanical engineering at the university, his career has touched all the environments of a company, specializing in commercial and sales.
He loves karate, running and singing.

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Technical Designer

Lorenzo is an expert in the refrigeration and compression of technical gases and he designed and engineered geothermic plants in civil and industrial environments which were combined with heat recovery systems.
He draws and plans 3D solutions for the treatment and compression systems of air and gas.
He's involved in politics.

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Purchasing Manager

With a Diploma in Languages she can count on twenty years' experience in the commercial and marketing fields, in particular in the engineering industries.
She divides her free time between the family, charity and love for nature.

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Purchasing Biokomp


Account Manager

The adjectives representing Roberta for the best are dynamic, sunny and determined.
She has been working in Biokomp since November 2022 and she takes care of the administration.
In her spare time she loves practicing pilates, jogging and organize trips.

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Project Manager

Lorenzo is an expert in the refrigeration and compression of technical gases.
He designed and engineered geothermal power plants combined with heat recovery systems for both civil and industrial applications.
He's responsible for the technical planning and 3D drawing of the air & gas treatment and compression systems.
Actively involved in politics, he's a member of the managing board of a public organization.

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Project Biokomp



After the commercia-technical diploma she developed her experience mainly in the engineering industries.
She spends her free time between family and volleyball.
She loves ancient history and travels.