Case Studies

Case Studies


Biokomp is one of the leading producers of complete packages for natural gas, biogas, biomethane, air and process gas compression & treatment plants of all sizes as well as special components.

The company is located in Villaverla, in North-East Italy.
Many years of experience gained in the compressor industry gave us the necessary skills to be able to design high performing and long-lasting systems.

Biokomp can provide different types of gas compressors and blowers: centrifugal, rotary screw, and piston.

Thanks to our engineering team, we are used to tailor the best solution for each application.
This results in optimum performance and highest reliability for our customers.

Our service portfolio not only includes the development, planning and construction of biogas compressor systems but also intensive technical and process support.



Boosting steelmaking efficiency: In order to use the process gas into a 2MW steam boiler, we have recently supplied a gas booster with knock-out drum for fine filtration of solid contaminants and temperature control system to cool the gas at the temperature required by the burner.



Pioneers in biomethane production: Biokomp has provided the biogas treatment and compression for the first biomethane plant in Italy already in 2014. Our systems can be applied to different upgrading technologies (membrane, scrubbing, PSA) as well as direct injection of biomethane into the grid.



Biokomp offers a wide range of gas processing systems for microturbine applications with capacities ranging from 5 Nm3/h per hour to 5.000 Nm3/h . Our clean-up, dewatering and compression units are designed to operate with several fuel types (Natural gas, Wellhead gas, Associated Petroleum Gas, Biogas). Read the full list of applications in our section dedicated to microturbine case studies.



Our compressor series for CHP gas engines stands out for reliability, high efficiency, and easy maintenance, making them a perfect fit for your power generation project. Discover the unique advantages of Biokomp compressors, which combine high quality materials and special coatings to meet the heavy-duty requirements of an industrial power plant.