New Biomethane plant


Another biomethane plant is going to rely on Biokomp's processing technology!
Being a pioneer in the supply of biogas treatment and compression stations for upgrading plants, Biokomp is now proud of having effectively completed a new job for the future biogas upgrading plant from organic waste fraction in Anzio, near Rome.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Solution
Biokomp oil-injected rotary screw compressors provide a cost-effective solution for all biogas upgrading applications where the discharge pressures ranges up to 10 – 16 barg. We combine high speed motors, encoder feedback, and vector-type control in order to achieve 100% electronic adjustment of the rotor speed without gas recirculation. The energy efficiency is ensured through a highly efficient drive train, minimized internal pressure drops and precise control. These features, along with an outstanding maintenance interval (6000 h), dramatically reduce the operating costs and make our compressors an ideal fit for the biogas upgrading systems.

Double-unit with master & slave control
We have developed a containerized biogas processing station with two units running in parallel that cover an operating range from 120 to 820 Nm3/h. Each electric motor is driven by a dedicated variable frequency drive, with a custom control system that allows for simultaneous operation of the 2 machines. The result is a flexible design that offers the following benefits:
-Higher dependability, with one compressor capable of supplying at least 50% of the total flowrate
-Extreme continuous modulation of the load, from 15% to 100%
-Full-automatic control

Custom Packages or Standard Design
With 100+ installed units and many years of experience in designing and manufacturing compressor packages for different applications, Biokomp offers the best standard lineup on the market.
industry-leading customized solutions,
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